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Pre-Paid Primary Protection Guard (Under 17)

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Note. In order to make a claim from your Health fund, you must pay for your chosen guard at a Guardlab Dentist. Health funds will not give rebates on mouthguards purchased online.

Adult (18 and over)


Youth (17 and under)

1st guard $0.00 AUD

A custom non-neuromuscular Protection Mouthguard for players aged 17 years and under, who are looking for the best possible fit, the best possible protection and ultimate comfort, but do not need the benefits of a neuromuscular mouthguard at this time.

We only require an upper jaw scan, so its quick, simply and comfortable, and just like all our other guards, your scan is stored so you can just order a new guard or a replacement, online, at the click of a button, with no additional scanning required. Sweet!

Perfect for the younger athlete as the best possible entry point into the GuardLab experience...

  • First mouthguard includes a mandatory 3D scan appointment
  • Ideal for contact and combat sports
  • Includes storage case
  • Wear during practice, training and games
  • Protects against impact
  • Protects teeth
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