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Night Guard


The custom recovery guard allows you to get a better night's sleep, recover quicker and perform better tomorrow by increasing air flow. Engineered for comfort by fitting on the lower teeth. Low-profile design delivers improved sleep and also helps prevent costly damage to your teeth resulting from light clenching and grinding. Ideal for after games, practices and training.

Made for you and only you.

  • First mouthguard includes a mandatory 3D scan appointment
  • Clear color
  • Ideal for light night-time clenchers and grinders (this is not a heavy bruxism guard)
  • Can be worn after training or games to improve recovery
  • Wear just before going to sleep, and remove when you awake feeling refreshed

Features & Advantages

  • Engineered with hard and soft material for ultimate comfort
  • Comfortable, low-profile fit
  • Protects teeth from light grinding
  • Experience enhanced performance through improved recovery