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Refund: Terms and Conditions

We will refund 110% of the purchase price subject to the terms below:

Before applying for a refund...

1. You must return to the dentist where it was made to have them assess the guard. Occasionally mouthguards do require a small adjustment if they are rubbing slightly. This is because mouthguards are made on static models of your teeth and your mouth is a moving functional entity.

2. You must wear the guard for one full game. The fit of our guards is tight due to the digital accuracy, it is supposed to be! That is often the first thing people notice. They can take a little getting used to especially if you have a Guard with the ARC layer that positions your lower jaw slightly down and forward to open up your airway. That said it shouldn't be uncomfortable.

If you have done both these things and are still not satisfied, please email explaining the issue with the mouthguard and providing your telephone number. One of our friendly staff will give you a call to arrange refund.