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About us

Accuracy is everything when it comes to the perfect custom fit. The archaic process of using dental impression materials to create stone models decreases the accuracy of the final mouthguard. In terms of boil-and-bite guards, they simply cannot compete with GuardLab’s quality and precision.

At GuardLab, we pride ourselves on accuracy, precision and finishing.

Welcome to the mouthguard revolution

We take pride in delivering a product as unique as you are at the quality you deserve.

Utilizing 3D scanning technology

Accuracy is everything when it comes to the perfect fit. That is why we use digital 3D scanning technology to capture every ridge and curve of your unique teeth. By scanning both the upper and lower teeth, we are able to transfer your optimized bite onto your custom mouthguard.

Bite Optimization

The bite refers to the relationship between the top and bottom teeth when biting down. We determine the optimal bite position of each individual athlete. By aligning and repositioning the jaw, we correct muscle imbalances, improve the neuromuscular response and increase oxygen intake using our proprietary method we call Alignment Repositioning Cushion, or ARC Technology.

3D Printing Technology

We build each guard individually using highly accurate 3D printers. Every mouthguard is shipped on a 3D printed set of your own teeth.

Experience A Custom Fit

A custom made guard provides the highest level of protection because its design can be individualized for both the athlete and the sport. We are committed to providing you with the best fitting mouthguard possible.

Made For You, And Only You

We take pride in delivering the highest quality, bespoke mouthguards to our athletes. Every aspect of our products has been created with you in mind.

Customize & Personalize

Customized for your teeth, customized for your sport, customized for your protection, performance and recovery. Personalize your guards by selecting your colors, adding your name or number, and uploading your favorite graphics.

Direct Shipped To You

All of our mouthguards are proudly made on Long Island, NY, USA. Enjoy FREE shipping with every order, always.