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5 Unique Ways to Workout This Winter

5 Unique Ways to Workout This Winter

We’re right in the thick of winter, which always makes exercising a bit tougher. We know that you want to have your body ready for those warm summer months so we at GuardLab are giving you 5 unique ways to workout this winter and mix up your exercise routine during these frigid months.

While you read these different ways of getting your exercise going, make sure to check out the GuardLab Performance Guard that will enhance your athletic performance through stabilization and balancing of head and neck muscles, supporting full body alignment!

1. Light Saber Fitness

Tone and sculpt, you must. Have you ever wanted to feel as if you were Luke Skywalker fighting the bad guy with a light saber? How about playing with a light saber and getting a workout while doing so? Well then look no further than “Light Saber Fitness”! The average light saber weighs between 3-5lbs and the workouts are designed after fight sequences seen in movies. Light saber fitness will let you work out your arms, back, and shoulders. These workouts will also allow you to work your core and have fun at the same time just don’t forget to dress the part, and may the force be with you.

2. Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline was always an amazing time during our childhoods. You were allowed to do flips in the air, dunk on a basketball hoop, or just see which of your friends can jump the highest. You can still bounce away as a great indoor workout.  During a workout on a trampoline, you can use bands and yoga blocks to tone, strengthen, tighten, increase core stabilization and improve body alignment, and implement cardio intervals to help you burn more calories. Using a trampoline for a workout will help you burn calories and tone your body.

3. Hula Hoop

Do you remember playing with a hula hoop when you were younger, always having a fun time and then realizing wow, my body is sore? Well that is because using a hula hoop is a great exercise to work your core and it can be done in the own comfort of your home. 

According to a 2010 study conducted at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, hula hooping burns about seven calories a minute.  While seven calories per minute may not seem like a lot, you will burn more calories hula hooping than you would with step aerobics or Pilates class. By using a weighted hula hoop you can work your abs more than a lightweight hoop creating an even better workout.

4. The Viking Method

In Iceland, strength training is taken very seriously. No other nation has won more world’s strongest man competitions than Iceland so they know a thing or two about exercising correctly. 

Svava Sigbertsdottir is the woman behind the creation of “The Viking Method”. The workout is designed to increase your agility, performance, and create a long, lean athletic physique. The method is made to shock the body’s metabolism into burning fat with high-intensity training.  These workouts can be done indoors so this makes a perfect winter workout. 

5. Surfset Fitness 

Have you ever wanted to try surfing but are not to sure if you can handle it and that you may be afraid to try it in the ocean? Well now you have no excuse as SURFSET® is a new way of exercising that incorporates the balance needed to ride a surfboard.

SURFSET® studios are popping up throughout the country and for good reason, it’s a great workout!  SURFSET® is a great workout because it implements many exercises into classes.  They offer 4 signatures programs which are Balance, Burn, Build, and Blend, giving you several options to get you out of your winter workout funk.  So whether you want to burn fat, work on your core, build more strength, or a complete body workout, SURFSET® is for you.