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Listen to Inc. Uncensored's podcast featuring GuardLab!

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Will Yakowicz takes a look at GuardLab, a custom 3-D printed mouthguard company founded by the dentist for the New England Patriots, a Canadian neuromuscular dentist, and two Silicon Alley entrepreneurs. The company says the mouthguards help an athlete perform better and reduce the risk of concussions. It is building out a distribution network thanks to new technology cropping up in your local dental office--a 3-D digital camera that takes photos of your mouth to create a digital replica of your teeth. Dentists then send those files to GuardLab, which prints out the mouthguard. GuardLab now has Olympic athletes and some New York Giants football players as customers.

You can listen to individual episodes on the Panoply network, Soundcloud, or on iTunes--where you can also subscribe.